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About Us

We established Johnson Performance in 2013 as a home based firearms dealer. The main goal was to offer new and experienced firearms enthusiasts an opportunity to purchase firearms and accessories in an environment that is personable with time taken to answer questions and match the client with the right firearm for them. A big driving force in our business structure is to prevent the negative experiences we had personally encountered at both small and large sporting goods stores.

We work by appointment which means when you shop with us there is no waiting in line and you are our priority.  We stock a variety of  ammunition, handguns, shotguns, rifles and accessories.

Shortly after starting our business we noticed a huge problem when clients came to purchase handguns.  Many of them had recently taken permit to carry courses in the area but really did not get out of it what they wanted.  When we asked them about the courses they had attended they all described the same scenario:  class sizes that were sometimes too large, being rushed, not enough hands on time, questions gone unanswered, relevant topics not discussed and little to no support after their class was done. With our law enforcement background and real life experience the natural course was to begin a training division to provide clients with the advanced training they desired.

Our permit to carry course is the most advanced in the area and is designed for all experience levels.  Each course incorporates real life scenarios and addresses the ever changing political and social climates.  Class sizes are limited to ensure attention is given to each student.  

We judge our success not by the number of students we train but rather the knowledge they acquire and put into use.  For those wishing to enhance their knowledge and skill level we offer three additional handgun courses, two rifle courses and two shotgun courses.  We are completely mobile and travel throughout the region providing instruction for individuals, families, groups and businesses.

We look forward to meeting and providing you with exceptional service!

Josie & Matthew Johnson

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