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Commercial Structure Defense Program


Most building security measures are not designed to actually protect the occupants, but rather give them a warm fuzzy feeling someone cares.  First Responders are inside your building and Second Responders show up after you call 911.


We working with Churches, Commercial Building Owners and Schools to address their specific defense needs.

​There are four aspects of this program:

  1. Administrative - Working with management to evaluate current defensive measures and establish effective policies and procedures.

  2. Structure - Evaluating new construction and existing structures to produce a welcoming atmosphere while providing a discreet tactical advantage to those protecting its occupants.

  3. Lethal and Less Lethal Training - Instructing select staff in our most advance use of force training.

  4. Communication - Meeting together with employees and outside agencies that would be responding to a critical incident to clearly establish their roles, capabilities and expectations of each other.

Cost: Free Phone/In Person Consultation

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