Permit to Carry

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the instructors?

Josie & Matthew Johnson - with 28 years of combined law enforcement experience, instructors for handgun, shotgun, and carbine courses. 


What topics are covered during the Permit to Carry Course?

  1. Handgun Responsibility

  2. Understanding MN State Statute 624.714 (Permit to Carry)

  3. Understanding MN State Statute 609.065 (Justifiable Take of Life)

  4. Psychological and Physiological Effects of a Violet Threat Encounter

  5. Firearms Safety Rules

  6. Choosing a Handgun

  7. Ammunition

  8. Mechanics of Firearm Use

  9. Principles of Handgun Shooting

  10. Clearing Stoppages

  11. Weapon Retention Drills

  12. Care and Cleaning

  13. Situational Awareness

  14. Things to Consider (Tips From Our Advance Courses)

  15. Range Safety

Who can attend a Permit to Carry Course?

  • Anyone that is 20 years of age or older.

  • A resident of any state.

What is not allowed?

  • Any firearms brought to the class we deem unsafe will not be used.  (Mechanical issues)

  • Anyone that is under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances.


Why are the class sizes limited?

Class sizes are limited to help ensure those attending get the attention they deserve.

What does the Permit to Carry Course consist of?

The majority of the permit to carry course is classroom instruction.  During that classroom time we spend a large portion of time working with the handguns.  The range portion of the course is normally the least time consuming.  If we are hosting the course on site- food, beverage and restrooms will be available.

Do I need firearms experience prior to Permit to Carry course?

No, our course is designed to teach you everything needed for safe and proficient handgun use.

What should I wear?

Dress appropriate for the weather forecast the day of your course.  The majority of the course takes place inside and we do not cancel courses because of weather conditions.

How do I get my permit to carry after the course?

After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate of completion.  For a Minnesota resident you will fill out an application in the county you reside, present a valid state identification, pay the application fee (varies by county) and provide a copy of your certificate in person.  You will receive you permit within 30 days (from our experience most agencies will have it to you within a week).  Out of state residents can apply for a non-resident permit to carry in any Minnesota county.  You can also use your certificate to apply for a non-resident permit in several other states. (Forms are downloadable under the Sales> Forms menu of our page.)

Is my permit good only in Minnesota?

No, Minnesota has reciprocity with several other states.  This is discussed in more detail during your class.

Do I have to carry the gun I qualify with the day of the class after I have my permit?

No, after receiving your permit to carry you choose what firearm(s) you intend to carry.

It's important that you can safely and efficiently operate any firearm you have in your possession.

Can someone under the age of 20 take the Permit to Carry Course?

Yes, we do allow individuals over the age of 18 to attend if they have another family member also attending.  This allows them to learn the same material and become safe and proficient shooting together.  Those under 20 will not be issued a certificate after the course, however, they are able to attend one of our courses after they turn 20, free of charge, and they will receive their certificate at that time.

Do you have ammunition available for purchase at the course?

Yes, we stock ammunition and have some of the lowest costs in the area.  If you are bringing a firearm and need ammunition for the course please contact us in advance and we will make sure to have what you need. 

Can you do a course at our location?

Yes, we are completely mobile.  If you have the proper space, resources (electricity, Wi-Fi/cellular), and a safe location to shoot we can setup a course.  Additional costs may apply.

How long do I have to apply for my permit after successfully completing your course?

You must apply for your permit within one (1) year of successfully completing your course in Minnesota.

Do you do female only courses?

Yes, we do set up female only courses on occasion.  We have also had ladies that wanted to get into a female only course but had attended one of our regular courses. They said they were nervous about being embarrassed because they were new to shooting but afterwards they say they had a great time and had nothing to be concerned about.  The course is designed for all levels of experience, to be fun, interactive, safe and educational.

What should I expect for the qualification shoot?

Expect to have fun.  We have each student shoot individually with one instructor.  The shooting course is designed to be practical, informative and safe.

Do you do night courses?

Yes, we have set up courses that the shooting portion will take place in the dark.  These courses have an inherited added level of difficulty.  We like to say if you practice when it is snowing, windy, cold and dark, every other time you shoot will seem easy.

What if I have questions?

Our classroom portion of the course is very interactive and we encourage you to ask questions.  If you have questions after your course we are available to answer them and commonly receive questions from people that have taken one of our courses from years prior.  We enjoy the relationships we build with our clients and adapt our training to the feedback we receive.

What is the most important aspect of getting a permit to carry?

Without a doubt the most important part of our course is what you do after you get your permit.  Proficient and safe handling of firearms are perishable skills.  We give our students lots of things to work on that don't involve shooting and can be practiced anytime.  In addition, we have three other handgun courses available to help you expand your skills.

Can I take the course if I'm pregnant?

If your doctor has no concerns with you participating you are welcome to attend.